Smart karaoke project

Brand Activation

How can we get closer to a younger audience? How can we get them to have a ‘smart’ experience? What can we do to get inside their world in order to show them the adaptability and usefulness that a vehicle and a brand like this has to give to such a dynamic and practical audience?

These were the questions that led to the smart karaoke street activation. We had many ‘smart’ cars scattered along the downtown area of Porto city and set up in each and everyone of them the necessary things for a pop up karaoke contest! In this contest there were very few rules and guidelines as to win it all you had to do was be awesome. Whether it was for your talents or your funny and invigorating wits it didn’t really matter, as long as judges of the contest (basically anyone who had access to social media) liked your post! In this activation people had the opportunity to participate in an incredible, memorable and shareable experience as the main focus of the contest was to liven up the social media footprint of the brand.

An evening filled with laughter, a lot of singing (and screaming) but above all a lot of fun!


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