About The Agency

"We are a human sized agency driven by passion and meticulous attention to details. More than an agency, we are a professional creative team building ideas."

Our team of experienced designers are intensely curious and passionate about designing better experiences. Being a small studio keeps us collaborative, fast, flexible and creative. It helps us build close, long-term partnerships with our clients. We create experiences that strengthen the relationships between brands and the people who matter the most to them. We clarify their stories and create meaningful experiences that matter to people.











Services Provided

Brand Activation

Power to the People. Consumers have now more choice than ever before. They can get the products/ services anywhere and they compare them down to the smallest detail. It is therefore necessary to communicate more intelligently, allowing your brand and revenue to expand. The primary goal where alcateia can make a difference.

Events Production

Helping companies and organizations in event production is one of our best capabilities. We will help you set a realistic goal and find an event that fits your needs. By managing carefully, a pre-defined budget, we will work on all the critical elements with a cohesive plan to produce the best results.

Set Design

As designers, our main and constant goal is to be original and innovative. Inspiration can come from almost anything or anywhere, and we never stop thinking about creative ways to convey your story to the stage design of your event.

Digital & Interactive Experience

We help your company or event by complementing them with creative and technical development services for digital products. Our services are focused on creating games, applications and digital experiences, as well as developing general website design, email marketing and microsites to promote your event, brand or company. 

Branding & Graphic Design

We create your brand or event identity in a distinctive way, fulfilling the challenge, and adding ideas and experiences with strong visual and textual content. We produce physical or digital media for any purpose, whether commercial, educational, cultural or political.

Design Consulting

Tell us what are your needs and we'll create your action plan. Our goal is suggesting solutions that incorporate form, function and aesthetics, being our reference creating an event, space or product that meets your specific needs.

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Our Works

  • Forum-Encantado

    Enchanted Forum

  • Arco de entrada com sinalética referente ao evento

    Pink Friday

  • Promotora a segurar uma credencial do manifesto moda

    Manifesto Moda

  • Sinalética de identificação do evento

    AXN Comic Con

  • Promotores de costas a mostrar o vestuário de identificação do evento referentes às séries "Ben10" e "The Power Puff Girls"

    Cartoon Network

  • Miguel Araújo sentado numa cadeira a cantar e a tocar guitarra no palco do concessionário smart

    Lançamento smart EQ

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